Structural Readiness




The INAC Structural Readiness program serves to increase and sustain the capacity of regional First Nation Organizations to deliver education supports and services.

Structural Readiness provides support to the implementation and monitoring of the Bimose Tribal Council’s 4 year Education Strategic Plan, which was developed from the direction from our Council of Chiefs, Board of Directors, ASA Committee members, and the Bimose Education staff. Initially this program, we focused on the development of the Bimose Education Management Organization, which is now called the Kiizhik Education Corporation (KEC).

The KEC is a regional education organization that supports our schools and communities in the developing and delivering of life-long and cross-generational learning programming. Policies, procedures, operational manuals and tools were developed and implemented to structurally support the KEC.

In the development of all the programs and services, we continue to ensure that our Anishinaabe values, teachings and language are the basis of our work. We continue to support capacity development at all levels to ensure our continued growth so that we continue to walk to strengthen our Anishinaabe way and to build a better, stronger, healthier life for the Anishinaabeg. 



Fawn Wapioke, B.A, B.Ed.
Structural Readiness Coodinator



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