Kiizhik & Bimose Community High School Graduation 2017

Speech from Darcy Wickham, Vice-Principal during graduation ceremony:

Welcome to this celebration of our graduates. I am very proud of all of our students this year and how hard they have worked to be successful in their high school education. Now having reached their goal, we are here today honouring our grads at this wonderful ceremony. 

It is unbelievable how quickly the school year has come and gone. The road to get here was full of potholes and detours, yet somehow, our graduates made it to the end. It may be the end of high school but the road doesn't end here. You have all put in a great deal of effort to fulfill the requirements to make it to this moment today. As I look out on all our grads, I can't help but feel emotional and so very proud. Each of you have experienced your own struggles and hardships to get to graduation. From sleepless nights finishing assignments to the many sacrifices made to make it in to school each day. When we set education as a priority, set our goals, and put all our efforts in to making them a reality, we can accomplish anything. That is exactly what you have all done! Congratulations class of 2017,



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