Capital Planning

The Technical Services Unit provides advisory services to member First Nations regarding Community and Capital Planning by:

  • Assisting in the development of Five Year Annual Minor Capital Plans
  • Assisting in the preparation of preliminary cost estimates
  • Assisting in preparation of project Terms of Reference
  • Assisting in the review of technical proposals, designs, cost estimates and specification
  • Advising and assisting in the tendering of construction projects
  • Reviewing minor capital funding submissions
  • Assisting in the completion of progress and completion certificates for minor capital projects

In addition to the above, the Technical Services Unit can also serve as a project member for minor or major capital projects by:

  • Assisting in the development of required documentation for project submissions
  • Identifying the availability of local resources, labor, materials, equipment and contractors/suppliers
  • Monitoring projects by attending project meetings, reviewing plans and specifications and carrying out site inspections
  • Assisting with the preparation of project status reports and completion certificates

"We walk to strengthen our Anishinaabe way and our goal is to build a better, stronger, healthier life for the Anishinaabeg"

- Our Vision