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Status Update as of January 2021

The Bimose Tribal Council HUB is entering its fifth year of operation and now has a staff of 6 employees. The latest additions to the team include Andrew Silk, David Brotherston, and Jon Kocis. Andrew Silk has filled the critical role of Electrical Technologist and has brought an essential skill set to the team. With the addition of Andrew, the HUB is now able to troubleshoot electrical issues at our community water plants, as well as provide electrical expertise to our ongoing community water plant projects. David Brotherston was hired to provide Administrative and IT support to the HUB staff and brings a diverse professional skill set to the team. David has helped to modernize the operations of the HUB office by enhancing community reporting, providing helpdesk support to the HUB Operators, and has helped to introduce cloud based and collaborative software to improve our operational performance. Jon Kocis joined the team in 2020 as an Operator in Charge (OIC) and quickly became an invaluable contributor to the HUB Program. Prior to joining Bimose, Jon spent a number of years working in the municipal sector as an Operator for the City of Dawson’s Creek in British Columbia. His extensive background in Water and Waste Water treatment has provided the HUB a diverse knowledge base to leverage, and has provided our HUB Operators an additional level of expertise which has helped to improve the sophistication of our service. Jon’s capabilities and leadership have been indispensable to our operations and did not go unnoticed at Bimose. Prior to the end of 2020, Jon was promoted to the position of HUB Manager and our team could not be more excited to have him lead the HUB moving forward!

With three Operators in Charge (OIC’s), one Overall Responsible Operator (ORO), an Electrical Technologist, and designated Administrative/IT support the HUB has been able to offer the following essential services to our member communities:

  • Overall Responsible Operator (ORO) services
  • 24/7 Remote Water Treatment Plant Monitoring
  • Vacation and extended absence relief for First Nations Operators
  • Emergency Response- Community Reporting and funding application assistance
  • Maintenance and repair services
  • Operator mentorship and training
  • Advisory services and operator subsidy administration services
  • Maintenance Management Program (MMP) Planning and Implementation
  • Preventative Maintenance Scheduling and Implementation
  • Emergency Response Planning and Implementation
  • Quality Assurance: ACRS and Annual Inspections/Reports

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Meet our Staff!

Jon Kocis – HUB Manager – WT2, WWT2

Boozhoo! I have been in Water Treatment and Wastewater Treatment field for seven years. Even though I accidently fell into the occupation, the sense of purpose I have gotten from this career in unrivaled by any other job I have done, this includes my time as a Paramedic.

Now that I am a member of The Bimose Tribal Council HUB team, it is a tremendous honour to be able to assist local First Nation Water Treatment Operators in any capacity.

A career highlight that stands out for me occurred in the previous city I lived in. The city was pounded by a catastrophic 100-year rainstorm which was accompanied by extreme flooding. The extreme flooding caused the city to be literally split into two completely separate pieces. The teamwork and effort our crew showed to coordinate proper surveillance and maintenance of our Water Treatment and Wastewater Treatment Facilities, to ensure the public was never in any danger, was incredible.


Wayne Holmstrom – Overall Responsible Operator – WT3, WWT2


My name is Wayne Holmstrom and I am the Overall Responsible Operator at the HUB. I am a resident of Shoal Lake #39 and have been in the water treatment field for over eighteen years. Prior to joining Bimose, I spent time working for the City of Winnipeg in their water treatment plant and I also was the Operator at my community water plant in Shoal lake. I am very committed to helping local First Nation communities deliver safe drinking water to their residents and take pride in the services our HUB offers to our member communities.


Aaron Henry – Operator in Charge – WT2


My name is Aaron Henry and I am an Operator in Charge at the HUB. I started my career in the water field as an Operator at Pelican Falls – Northern Nishnawbe Education in 2013. I also spent time working as a Water Plant Operator for Niisaachewan First Nation in 2015, before joining Bimose in December 2016. Currently I am certified as a Class 2 Water Treatment Operator. Making potable water has been a very positive experience for me, and the responsibility of being an operator is not to be taken lightly which is my message to whomever I train. I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the process of getting potable water to first nation communities.


Nolan Penace – Operator in Charge – WT1


My name is Nolan Penace and I am an Operator in Charge at the HUB. I am a resident of Wauzhushk Onigum and have been in the water treatment field for over seven years. Prior to joining Bimose, I spent time working as the Water Plant Operator at Niisaachewan First Nation, as well at my community water plant in Wauzhushk. I am now in my fifth year with the HUB and look forward to helping our member communities in 2021.



Andrew Silk – Electrical Technologist – C. Tech


My name is Andrew Silk and I am the Electrical Technologist at the HUB. I graduated from the Electrical Engineering Technician course at Fanshawe College. I am also a member of the Ontario Association of Certified Engineering Technicians and Technologists (OACETT). Prior to joining Bimose I was responsible for chemical testing and maintenance for the pool at the Kenora Recreation Centre.



David Brotherson – Administrative/I.T. Support


My name is David Brotherston and I am the IT/Admin Support at the HUB. I graduated from the Software Engineering course at Sheridan College. I have over 10 years of experience in the IT industry with the majority of my time spent working for hardware companies such as D-Link Networks and Acer America. I feel very fortunate to be part of a great team here at the HUB and work for a such a meaningful cause.




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