Strengthening our communities

Bimose translates from the Anishinaabe word ‘to walk’. 
Our company uses this as a reminder to always walk with our Member First Nations.

Land-Based Learning Videos

Bimose Tribal Council and its governing member communities have set out goals of revitalizing and preserving Anishinaabemowin for our future generations.  The videos are land-based, traditional activities the people of the territory still practice today. It is our...

Anishinaabemowin Flash Card Series

Created by the Bimose Tribal Council Language program with assistance from the I.T Department – Using the App Quizlet we have established a flash card based learning experience for teachers and students to utilize in schools and at home. Clicking this link will...

Resource Support Guide

A resource support guide developed by our Anishinaabe Counselors to support efforts in living in balance as a part of mino bimaadiziwin. Each category focuses on four core areas (medicine wheel) which includes: Mental Health & Well-Being;Physical...