Technical Services

The Technical Services department’s goal is to provide professional advice to ensure project success within the Bimose Tribal Council member First Nations. The Technical Unit is comprised of engineers and technicians specializing in housing, solid waste management, water and waste water infrastructure, fire protection, project management and structural engineering. The Technical Unit believes a successful project is one where the community is informed and engaged throughout the lifespan of the project to ensure First Nations benefits of training, capacity building and First Nations benefits are maximized throughout the planning, design and construction stages of the project.

The Technical Services Department provides the following services to the member First Nations Communities:

  • Asset evaluation, initial cost estimating, funding applications, and scope of work development,
  • Development of technical documents including, request for proposals, request for qualifications and others as required,
  • Production of detailed design drawings for housing construction projects and design and document review services for major capital projects,
  • Inspection services during project constructions,
  • Assisting in project coordination throughout all stages of the project and,
  • Assisting in project reporting to the required parties.

Message from the Technical  Services Advisor

It’s an exciting time for the Technical Services Department and our member First Nations as significant investments are being made into First Nations water infrastructure and training, housing and solid waste assets and associated training initiatives. In every project, extensive efforts and creative community led models are being delivered to maximize First Nations benefits from these investments through sub-contracts and on the job training initiatives. The First Nations in conjunction with our staff have been working hard to ensure projects have been successful.

Safe, reliable drinking water has been a priority for Bimose and the Technical Department. The recent two year extension of the Water and Wastewater HUB program allows us to provide enhanced water and waste water monitoring, troubleshooting, emergency response, operator relief and training services to the member communities.

The Technical Service Department is excited for the future and the anticipated ribbon cutting ceremonies and celebrations that signify successful projects on our member First Nations Communities.

Thank you,

David Mellor Technical Services Advisor

Meet our Technical Services Team

Wayne Holmstrom

Overall Responsible Operator

Aaron Henry

Operator in Charge

Nolan Penace

Operator in Charge

Jason Chicago

Water/Wastewater Intern

Andrew Silk

Electrical Technologist

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Dalles, Ontario
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Kenora, Ontario
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