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Anishinaabe Student Achievement Program
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Technical Services

The purpose of the Technical Services Unit is to provide technical advisory services to Bimose Tribal Council member First Nations in the areas of Housing, Operation and Maintenance of Community Assets, Community and Capital Planning, Fire Prevention and Training.

It is the goal of the department to assist the First Nations, as requested, to protect the best interests of the community and to ensure project success.

This program is committed to the continuous improvement of business services; business enterprises; management processes; work environments and individual job functions. All activities are geared towards the eventual realization of community economic growth, skill development and employment. This program strives towards assisting First Nations or individuals in accessing economic development opportunities and developing sustainable businesses.

These opportunities exist presently in many government programs or private sectors. Specific efforts could involve the development of sole proprietorships; partnerships; individual First Nation enterprises. Or groups of First Nation enterprises.


Meet our Technical Services Team


Scott Shelske Dave Mellor Phil Tangie Chris Price
Scott Shelske,
Technical Services Advisor
Dave Mellor,
Technical Services Officer
Phil Tangie,
Technical Services Officer
Chris Price,
Technical Services Officer


Dave Crow Wayne Holmstrom Clayton Esquega Aaron Henry image
Dave Crow,
Fire Prevention Officer
Wayne Holmstrom,
Operator in Charge
Clayton Esquega,
Operator in Charge
Aaron Henry,
Operator in Charge
Nolan Penace
Operator in Charge


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