Teachers Program

Bimose Tribal Council has established a partnership with Nipissing University to train educational assistants and teachers in our First Nation schools. Our goal is to train community members living and working in their schools, by providing accredited post-secondary teacher education training.


Teachers Program

Photo of 17 out of 24 students currently attending the Native Classroom Assistant Diploma Program

The Native Classroom Assistant Diploma Program (NCADP) offers candidates the opportunity to explore the role of the classroom assistant, to work within First Nation schools and the public education system. Students are introduced to the latest pedagogical understandings in working with elementary students of all academic levels in numerous subject areas. Practicum experiences allow students to connect educational theory with practical applications in the classroom and the entire school. This is a part-time program where students continue to work in their communities and return to their classrooms with newly acquired skills and knowledge, to confidently assist children in elementary classrooms.

The Aboriginal Teacher Certification Program also offered by Nipissing will expand upon the learning of a classroom assistant. This program will enable candidates to obtain additional teacher education that leads to certification with the Ontario College of Teachers and obtain a license to teach within Ontario. Teachers currently employed in our community schools who wish to obtain the Ontario Teaching Certificate are encourage to apply to this program.





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