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School Registration

Student Registration Forms GaagageKiizhik Elementary Registration Form 2020/2021 Bimose Community High School Registration Form 2020/2021  

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Gift Donation Media Release

Donation of gifts to Bimose Tribal Council On behalf of Bimose Tribal Council Inc., we would like to say Gichi-miigwech to two schools “Our Lady of Fatima Elementary School and St Benedict Catholic Elementary School” and True North Aid for their generous and unique gifts they have chosen to donate...

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Gaagagegiizhigook Ganawenimaawasowin Wiigiwaam

Gaagagegiizhigook Ganawenimaawasowin Wiigiwaam Enrolment Form   We are pleased to announce that our brand new child care centre, Gaagagegiizhigook Ganawenimaawasowin Wiigiwaam, is accepting applications for toddlers (1.5-2.5 years old) and preschoolers (2.5-6 years old)! The centre is located...

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Season of Giving

The Season of Giving...    On November 26th & 27th Member First Nation communities were given a generous donation of 43 units of bedroom furniture, consisting of bedframes, end tables, dressers, couches and more.  Bimose Tribal Council would like to extend our appreciation to True North Aid for...

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Media Release - Bike Build

SEPTEMBER 13, 2019 - Thank you to True North Aid and Ontario Provincial Police for your generous support to Bimose Tribal Council. Today Gaagagekiizhik GaKinoo’amaawadiiwi’gamig Gakinoo’amaawasowin School, received 37 bicycles with helmets from True North Aid. The bikes came in various models and...

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Head Office

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