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The Bimose Tribal Council's HUB

Status Update as of February 5, 2017,

The Bimose Tribal Council HUB completed its second month of operation on February 5, 2017 and now has a staff of 5 employees. The latest additions to the team include FN operators Aaron Henry and Nolan Penace. Aaron’s first day was December 27 and Nolan’s first day was January 9th.

With the complement of 4 Operators in Charge (OICs) and one Overall Responsible Operator (ORO) the team has prioritized some of their Hub deliverables.

They include meeting with all member community Chiefs and Councils and or their proxies, delivery of the Circuit Rider Training Program, weekly visits to community water and wastewater plants to assist operations and maintenance and the planning and scheduling of comprehensive plant inspections


AS of December 20, 2016 the HUB has completed the following tasks;

1.    Met with Chief and Council and or proxies from Wabaseemoong, Wabauskang and Lac De Mille Lac to present the         

       Hub and discuss service requests and services offered.

2.    Completed Circuit Rider On the Job Training at Wabaseemoong, Shoal Lake 40 and Eagle Lake.

3.    Annual Performance Inspections (API's) at 8 Bimose Tribal Council's (BTC's) member community's water and

       Wastewater facilities.       

4.    Completed the CRTP Initial Site Survey's for 8 of BTC's communities.

5.    Completed the Operator Work Plans for 8 of BTC's communities

6.    Continued dialogue with OCWA regarding remote monitoring program preparations for start-up.

7.    Provided Wabauskang water plant upgrade commissioning oversight.



The BTC HUB offers the following services to all of its member communities:

    • 24/7 Remote Monitoring
    • Vacation and extended absence relief at First Nations WTP's that do not have a back-up operator employed on site.
    • Multi-Barrier Approach to Drinking Water Protection Awareness.
    • Source Water Protection Requirement Awareness and Implementation.
    • Treatment requirement recommendations related to Process, Groundwater, Surface water and Groundwater under Direct Influence of surface water (GUDI).
    • Continued develpment and administration of the annual training planfor operators under the INAC, WTP, and WWTP Operator Training Subsidy.
    • Maintenance Management Program (MMP) Planning and Implementation.
    • Preventative Maintenance Scheduling and Implemntation.
    • Emergency Response Planning and Implementation.
    • Direct assistance with Reporting and Corrective Action for Adverse Results.
    • Quality Assurance: ACRS and Annual Inspections/Reports.
    • Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) Facilities and Decentralized Systems Protocols and Reporting (WSPR).
    • Prepare annual O & M reports and other required documents for INAC funding and C & C's.
    • Compile detailed assessments of the present condition of all of the BTC WTP's, with an estimated cost to upgrade the facilities to standards.

The HUB invites comments and suggestions. We'd love to hear from you!

Contact Phil at (807) 708-8335 anytime or call the office at (807) 468-5551 ext. 233.



Phil Tangie Wayne Holmstrom Aaron Henry image
Phil Tangie, A.SC.T.
Technical Services Officer/Trainer
Water & Wastewater Specialist
Wayne Holmstrom
Operator in Charge
Aaron Henry
Operator in Charge
Nolan Penace
Operator in Charge




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