Our staff concentrate on assisting communities with their educational initiatives. Services are designed according to the types of requests received on major concerns discussed at various meetings.

The department of education encompasses, also, activities such as: counselling students; assisting in tuition agreement negotiations; providing education resource and curriculum information; providing ongoing advice to Education Authorities and Boards; providing, as required, other needed services.

Activities include post secondary education program administration for First Nations on request.

A message from the Education Services Coordinator

Barbara Katic is the Education Services Coordinator for Bimose Tribal Council. In this roll, she is a Senior Manager who reports to the Executive Director and supports all aspects of Bimose Tribal Council including education and curriculum development, planning, system services, human resources, buildings (expansions & new builds), transportation, community and board services, and communications. Barbara is supported by a team of education staff with extensive in-school experience and knowledge.

As our Education Services Coordinator, Barbara is responsible for the general direction and coordination of all matters relevant to the delivery of educational services for Gaagagekiizhik School and Bimose Community High School. She also collaborates with the Anishinaabe Student Achievement Committee on the general direction on delivery of educational services in the ASA schools - Migisi Sahgaigan, Waabshki Penasi, Ojibwe Heritage, David Kejick, Mizhakiiwetung and Baibombeh Anishinabe.

Barbara believes teaching should model, engage, and inspire critical thinking, self-reflection and community engagement. Her approach to teaching and learning is to provide students with learning experiences that hone and shape the way they approach and think about communities, and how they can influence change in our increasingly complex world. She empowers learners by introducing complex ideas and encouraging them to join the conversation, debate differing viewpoints, look beyond the obvious, and be creative in critiquing systems for the purpose of evoking systematic change from within – hallmarks of leaders and good planners. 

A critical component of Barbara's philosophy of teaching is to instill a sense of personal responsibility in students – to be the very change they seek in the world. She believes community engagement is foundational, and actively links theory with the communities her students work with in classroom projects. Understanding communities differently, students learn from local stakeholders, synthesizing priorities and creating real-world solutions.

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