Online Education Resources

In an effort to help schools utilize online learning for students - the ASA team has compiled a list of working websites that may assist teachers in assigning school work/projects.

Resource Name & Link


Mainly for Teachers, it has both literacy and numeracy modules (K-6) for guided reading, shared reading, running records, modules for parents and includes instructional videos.

Kenora Public Library

Offering FREE temporary E card which will provide access to E- books, e-audiobooks and data bases.

Tumble Book Library

Offers an online collection of e-books for children-you would need to subscribe to TumbleBookLibrary. You can read these books 24/7 at home. There are over 1100 titles including animated talking picture books, graphic novels, read along chapter books and non- fiction books.

TVO kids TVO




TVO- in the classroom

Play free educational games and watch educational programming for pre-school and school aged kids 2-11 years.


TVO Indigenous- Social Studies and World Studies /Native Studies- articles and videos that affect Indigenous communities in Ontario and beyond, with an emphasis on stories told from Indigenous perspectives.


The ARTS/Social Studies - featuring first person stories told by Indigenous children from across the country- this short video series is geared towards school aged kids. Each of the 20 episodes visits a different destination from British Columbia where a Haida Gwaii girl demonstrates how to make a cedar bark basket to Nova Scotia where a Mi’qmak boy shares his passion for traditional dancing.


Pair’s fiction and non-fiction books and a great tool for reading aloud with your child. Reinforces reading skills while introducing children to knowledge and exploration. A user name and password is required.


Helps children strengthen literacy skills, build science and social studies knowledge. Watch, read, and learn facts about people, science and history. User name and password required.

Pearson at Home

Pearson Canada offers free online access to all texts K-12

Literacy Place

Shared reading K-3 – digital books with reading prompts and audio for children to follow along. Teaching plans included.



Grades 4-9- offers free trial to teachers and parents hands on projects, activities, and videos to help kids learn about science.

Scholastic Canada Scholastic Writing Scholastic Teachables


Scholastic –G0!!




Scholastic Book Clubs Scholastic News

Scholastic Canada offers books to read/learning activities. Free 25 ways to get kids writing.

Free 30 day trial of lesson plans, reproducibles, mini-books and differentiated collections. Teachables has ideas for every subject.


Grades 2-12 –makes searching simple- kids can learn about their favorite topics – includes articles, videos and age appropriate content.


This is a site that sells books. Some parents may be interested in purchasing books for their children.


Offers non-fiction reading online, - have to subscribe to the magazine, age – appropriate lesson plans and skill sheets, plus digital resources.

Offers online Language lessons.

Khan Academy

Provides free educational content in the form of instructional videos and practice exercises including math, chemistry, physics, science, arts, and humanities.

Smithsonian Learning Lab

Empowers learners with free materials and tools to help personalize learning -create new ideas, find resources and access collections of educational content.

Nasa Stem


NASA Kids Club

Includes resources for K-4 as well as links for other levels.

Daily Starters Scholastic

Includes fun, fast math and language arts prompts and questions – sort by grade. (Pre K -8). May need a subscription.

Crayola for Educators

Hundreds of lesson plans, crafts and activities for every grade level, plus art techniques for beginners and up. Best for craft projects.

May need subscription.

Common Sense Media

Find teacher –written reviews of educational tools, apps and programs with Common Sense Media. Offers ready-made lesson


Engaging language arts interactive tools. Lesson plans, activities and professional development resources and apps for kids K-12. You can use parent and afterschool resource section.

Google Earth

Free tutorials are very helpful- you can zoom over the entire world

Brain Pop Jr.


Brain Pop

K-3 Science videos and activities. Request free access.


Grades 4-6 Science videos and activities.

Lunch Doodles

Author Mo Willems – live each day at 12 noon CST.

San Diego Zoo

Offers thousands of resources for educators including lesson plans, games, live feeds of animals and detailed information.

 Flocabulary –

Presents a variety of lesson plans across content areas; each lesson is presented in Hip-hop form. –videos, vocab games, reproducibles.

Mystery Science

Short mini –lessons that are digital and full lessons that include an activity using supplies many people would have at home.


Instructional videos.


An education initiative from TED to help Teachers, Educators and Students to access and create interactive video lessons.


Online reading (fiction & non -fiction) Free for Teachers & Librarians.

Mathletics & RAZ KIDS

Accessible from Teacher's home accounts. Log in information has been emailed to principals. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view request student log in.

Free Jump Math Resources are posted at their site. Most Bimose ASA Teachers already have a log in but if not register for a free account and emails.

The Ontario Curriculum

The Ontario Province’s Essential Lessons, Assessment and Practice pages, free webinars etc. are all available to support Teachers and Families.


The Manitoba First Nations Education Resource Centre; Numeracy and other resources available

 Children’s programs – various

Indigenous languages


Ojibwe lessons for beginners


Resources for learning Ojibwe

Resources relating to the preservation and revival of

Indigenous languages

Thompson Rivers University Libraries

Aboriginal Perspectives

Teaching resources for elementary and secondary classrooms. Ministry of Education, Government of Ontario

Aboriginal Languages Gathering

Canadian Association of Second Language Teachers

Anishinaabemowin Everyday

Pilot program for an online Ojibwe Language class. Online lessons take about 15 minutes each and are ideal for daily language learning and practice. Teaching methods include podcasts, flashcards, multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, drag-and-drop, and quizzes. This is not a Georgian College program.

Anishinaabemodaa Ojibwe Language Website

Online language lessons and resources; Offers a breakdown and explanation of how the language is constructed, as well as word lists, numbers, months, word games, vowel sounds, grammar, and an alphabet.

Native Languages of the Americas

Offers Ojibwe language materials such as vocabulary lists, pronunciation guides, and stories in Ojibwe, animate nouns, possession, and links to other language resources.

NativeTech Ojibwe Language Word Lists

Word lists of salutations, family, body parts, people, animals, plants, the world, weather, directions, seasons and time, feelings and emotions, colors, numbers, culture, and medicine.

Anishinaabemowin: Introduction

Provides an introduction to the Anishinaabemowin (Ojibwe) language, with a focus on the dialect spoken in Wisconsin and Minnesota. Includes a set of lessons, with pieces of conversation and grammatical components. Also offers an online learner's

grammar, and many documents containing various notes on Ojibwe.

Nish Tales: Walking and Talking with Nanabush

A language learning and story sharing site for kids. Offers animation, audio, and text in a bilingual format as well as a glossary of terms. Interactive with good use of pictorial examples. Read along with Ojibwe stories with English translations below (includes Ojibwe audio).

On the Path of the Elders

Interactive website with games, three audio collections in Anishinaabemowin with English transcripts, and teachers' guides from grades 4-10. Dedicated to documenting the knowledge of the Elders and traditional knowledge.

Online Nishnaabe-Language Immersion

Videos of Barbara Nolan speaking dramatized episodes in Ojibwe. No English subtitles or transcripts; full immersion with the aid of simple drawings.

Ojibwe Language and More

Blog aimed at keeping the Ojibwe language alive. Offers weekly lessons and quizzes, with games and accompanying word lists. Difficulty increases with each week.

The Revitalization of the Nishnaabemowin Language Project

Created and sponsored by Trent University's Native Studies department. Revises three main texts to reflect the orthographic changes within the onset of the double-vowel system. Offers examples of all verb types organized by introduction, intermediate, and advanced levels.

Noongwa e-Anishinaabemjig: People Who Speak Anishinaabemowin Today

Website to promote and revitalize Anishinaabemowin. Offers lessons, stories, songs (men's traditional, children's, and popular), prayers, and teachings, as well as student projects. MP3s with text in Anishinaabemowin.

First Language Speaking Project Inc.

Dedicated to oral fluency in seven "First Languages," from Cree to Nakota. 1000+ audio files and 500+ video phrases, plus flashcards, quizzes, and links. Ojibwe for Beginners

PDF of beginner Ojibwe dictionary including a sound chart, vocabulary, and simple sentence examples.

Weshki-ayaad: Language Materials and Lessons

Grammar, dictionaries, lessons, and other materials. Most materials available are of Minnesota Ojibwe dialect but there are some materials for Odawa and Northwestern (Manitoba) Ojibwe, as well as older dialects.

Anishinaabemowin: Our Language, Our Culture

Lessons suitable for first grade to first time adult beginners. Helps students develop listening and speaking skills.



Additional Fun Links




The Magic School Bus

Cool Math


Make me genius

Highlight Kids


The KIDZ page



NGA Kids Art Zone


Story Line Online


Steve Spangler Science

The Happy Scientist

Crypto Club

Cells Alive



The Story Starter


Fuel the Brain


Mr. Nussbaum


Turtle Diary

E-learning for Kids


Sesame Street

Earthquakes for Kids


Science Bob



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