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Our staff concentrate on assisting communities with their educational intiatives.  

Services are designed according to the types of requests recieved on major concerns discussed at various meetings.

The department of education encompasses, also, activities such as: counselling students; assisting in tuition agreement negotiations; providing education resource and curriculum information; providing ongoing advice to Education Authorities and Boards; providing, as required, other needed services. Activities include post secondary education program administration for First Nations on request.  



The Bimose and Kiizhik education programs continue to have a tremendous impact on student learning from our communities. The work of our staff has made a tremendous impact on all of our schools and communities. Moving forward with the new funding announced under Budget 2016, we anticipate increased support programs in our schools to address the specific needs of our students and communities.

Bimose Tribal Council Anishinaabe Student Achievement (ASA) Program has seen outstanding success in our schools. The six schools that we serve now have all of the resources and supports that have been in provincial schools for many years. In fact, many of the programs that we offer in our schools exceed what is currently being offered in local school boards. Our innovative approach to program delivery allows ours students access to unique instructional models that support the Anishinaabe language and culture. The staffs in each school have also begun to work together and develop effective inter-school networks that will ensure our students exceed provincial expectations in the near future. We anticipate that the use of Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) will become the norm in our schools this school year. Instructionally, our focuses continue to be on Literacy, Numeracy, Student Success and Language/Cultural programming.

In the Fall of 2016, the ASA Committee revised their 4 Year Strategic Plan. Implementation will begin in the 2016-2017 school year. This plan supports the work of the ASA program and allows the ASA Committee to monitor the success of the program bases on 47 new and continuing individual indicators through a balanced score-card. We continue to be one of the only educational organizations in Canada to use this effective reporting and monitoring model.

As well, the first year of at Gaagagekizhik Gakinoo'amaadiiwigamig Gakinoo'amaawasowin (Kiizhik School) was a tremendous success. Our renovations were completed and our students, parents and community members were all part of our official opening in October 2015. Though are numbers were small, the pride that our students and communities felt in our school was amazing. We are so excited to see 4 SK graduates from Gaagagekizhik Gakinoo'amaadiiwigamig Gakinoo'amaawasowin. With the expansion of our school to Grade 4, we now have 61 students. It is an amazing and engaging Anishinaabe learning environment.

The Bimose Community High School also had a fantastic 2015-2016 school year. Our overall enrollment increased from 25 in September 2015 to 71 by the end of the school year. We had 8 graduates and the students completed at total of 254.5 credits. They also completed a total of over 6300 lessons. The students and staff are excited to move into the new wing of the school. Our current enrolment is almost 100 students.

Overall, our education programs continue to see exceptionally success for all areas.



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