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Urban Student Tuition funding approved for First Nation School

KENORA, ON. DECEMBER 21,2017: Bimose Tribal Council is pleased to announce that Gagiige Kiizhik GaKinoo'amaawadiiwi'gamig GaKinoo'amaawasowin (Kiizhik School) is receiving tuition dollars for 41 students living off-reserve in the Kenora area.  For the first two years of operations, Kiizhik School received tuition for students living on-reserve but because of Kiizhik’s open-door approach accepts all students regardless of residency. 

This funding goes a long way to addressing the inequalities and opens the doors to many possibilities for Kiizhik students.  Up until approval of this funding, Kiizhik School had been running on a budget of two-thirds of what Provincial schools receive. 

As announced earlier this year, Kiizhik School  will continue to expand with a feasibility study currently underway.  With the interest from surrounding organizations and the increasing number of students, expansion in space and services must occur.

“Based on input from our parents, caregivers and staff we are proceeding with capital upgrades including a playground cover, building renovations, playground area landscaping, and additional exterior lighting and signage in both English and Anishinaabe.” says the Executive Director of Bimose Tribal Council, Don Morrison. “We are also looking at ideas for future programming such as afterschool activities, a library, life skills, and much more.”

Since approval of funding, the urban bussing program was put in place allowing elementary and high school students to have access to transportation to and from school. The school has also initiated the process of hiring new staff to allow for more support for the students which includes an additional education assistant, remedial education, a literacy coach, and a mental health counsellor.

The new tuition funds will go in its entirety to educational support and services. While these funds are committed for the 2017-18 school year, it is anticipated that a reciprocal education services agreement with the Province of Ontario will be in place for the coming years to ensure a level playing field and support long term planning and continued growth.

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