Elders Meetings at Kiizhik & Bimose Community High School


April 12th marked the first day of a now continuing tradition at Gagiige Kiizhik GaKinoo'amaawadiiwi'gamig GaKinoo'amaawasowin and Bimose Community High School.  Elders, our traditional knowledge keepers, from the surrounding communities, joined our students in the classroom to share their wisdom.  This effort to bring Elders into the classroom has been a great experience for both the students of each school and our Elders.  It is a chance for students to hear stories, thier experiences and teachings first hand in a classroom setting.  It is the goal of Bimose Tribal Council and the Parent Council of Kiizhik that these gatherings continue to grow and become a norm here at the schools.  


Elders Meeting with Bimose Community High School students

Elders with students from Bimose Community High School


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