First Nation Student Success Program


There First Nation Student Success Program (FNSSP) is a national proposal-driven program, funded by the Indigenous and Northen Affairs Canada (INAC), designed to help First Nation educators on reserve (Kindergarten to Grade 12) improve school results.

The Government of Canada's overarching goal is to provide First Nation students with quality education that provides them with the opportunity to acquire the skills needed to enter the labour market and be full participants in a strong Canadian economy. To help meet this goal, INAC is continually seeking new ways to enable First Nation educators to deliver the best possible programs for First Nation children and youth, allowing a greater learning experience and improve student/school results.

The First Nation Student Success Program has three interrelated components:

School Success Plans: That set out goals, activities and targets for improving student achievement levels in the three priority levels (literacy, numeracy and student retention)

Student Learning Assessments: These assessments support the school success planning process. Schools participate in their respective provincial standard testing process. Assessment results should be used to identify areas for improvement

Performance Measurement: For schools to assess, report and take steps to accelerate progress made by students and schools. It allows schools to set targets, monitor results and report to parents and communities on how students are doing


Anishinaabe Student Achievement Program

The Anishinaabe Student Achievement (ASA) Program is supported by Indigenous and Northen Affairs Canada Under the First Nation Student Success Program. Following the same guidelines, the ASA has focused on developing a common literacy, numeracy and student success programming in all six of our First Nation elementary and  two high schools.  The ASA has also implemented common assessment in these areas.  Other areas of support include Anishinaabe language and culture, information technology support, coaching on the use of technology in the classroom and extra-curricular and after-school programs.

Bimose Tribal Council's Anishinaabe Student Achievement (ASA) Program has evolved over the past six years and will continue to evolve.  We respond to community needs with the goal of supporting the development of a quality educational program within our communities. Our governance model includes a direct input and advice from our communities Education Directors, school administration and community leadership.

The ASA Program has been extremely successful in providing professional development opportunities to teachers and administrators in our schools.  The use of best practices in teacher education is an essential component of assisting with this professional growth, support and development.



To revitalize and enhance Anishinaabe oshkaatiziig gakendaawasowin to our schools.

Mission Statement:

To provide and promote Anishinaabe gakendaawasowin and quality educational services that address the needs of our oshkaatiziig and schools. The Anishinaabe Student Achievement Committee will be guided by anishinaabe gakendaawasowin in recognition of miinigoowiziwin.



Programs and Services 2016-2017



  • Focus on literacy instruction and improvement of literacy results in our schools;
  • Services provided:  a common Literacy program (Nelson Literacy, Keylinks Guided Reading), establish literacy libraries, implement a common writing program (PM Writing and Write Traits), literacy assessments (PM Benchmarks, Fontas and Penell Benchmarks, Ontario Writing Assessment, Oral Language Assessment, Early Years Evaluation and EQAO), develop literacy centres from Grades K-8 and implemented reading intervention programs (High Five, Mondo Reading Intervention, Leveled Literacy Intervention);

  • Ensure teachers are using the best practices named above in their daily literacy program, expand programming to the secondary level;

  • Assist central and school-based professional learning communities to address specific student needs and support the sharing/developing of best practices;

  • Enhance Early Literacy programming in all schools that supports local capacity development;

  • Integrate Anishinaabe language and culture in all literacy programming.



  • Focus on numeracy instruction and improvement of numeracy results in our schools;
  • Services provided:  Jump Math program, Mathletics, Math centers and numeracy assessments (Bimose Numeracy Assessment, Quick Math and EQAO);
  • Ensure teachers are using the best practices named above in their daily numeracy program, expand programming to the secondary level;
  • Enhance numeracy assessment models, implement a problem-solving based numeracy instructional model for the elementary grades;
  • Assist central and school-based professional learning communities to address specific student needs and support the sharing/developing of best practices;
  • Expand the use of technology in the classrooms to support numeracy programming;
  • Integrate Anishinaabe language and culture in all numeracy programming;


Student Success & Retention / Extra-Curricular & After School

  • Services provided:  implement student success teams, support Co-op, Reach Ahead and Dual Credit programs, develop an After-School Arts program, develop a High Skills Major program, assist to identify the needs of at-risk students, monitor the provincial Student Success Indicators, implement the Tell Them For Me Survey;
  • Finalize the implementation of the Follow Your Path program, a Northern Studies High Skills Major program focusing on traditional activities and skill development;
  • Develop a transition program to assist students moving from Grades 8 to 9 and at graduation, maintain the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP) in all schools;
  • Expand a video-conferencing program to provide additional courses in our schools;
  • Expand the use of technology in the classroom and schools to support student success and retention programs;
  • Support all schools in the development and implementation of extra-curricular and after-school programs;
  • Integrate Anishinaabe language and culture in all student success programming.


Anishinaabe Language and Culture

  • Support the development and implementation of Anishinaabe language, culture and traditions in our community schools;
  • Support Native Language teachers with instructional delivery, accessing resources and professional development needs;
  • Support the integration of Anishinaabe language and culture in all programming of the ASA program;
  • Assist to support the expansion of a Cultural Support program in each school;
  • Implement Anishinaabe language and culture assessment tools; develop local indicators for these tools.


Data Management, IT Support and IT Teaching/Coaching

  • Services provided:  
    • implement and support Datavan in all schools,
    • create a central server,
    • update all school servers, 
    • enhance all school IT infrastructure, 
    • install and maintain SmartBoards in all classrooms, 
    • provide teachers with iPads, 
    • partner with Apple Canada to assist with program and instruction, 
    • maintain common e-mail system and a program website, 
    • purchase and install computer hardware and software, 
    • provide IT support (, 
    • support and train staff in various IT areas;
  • Complete IT upgrades to support student learning, data-sharing and provide support, IT school infrastructure upgrades;
  • Maintain learning partnership with Apple Canada and Google;
  • Expand the use of technology in the classroom and schools;
  • Support teachers in their use of data to guide instruction, through professional development and on-site training;
  • Enhance school/teacher collaboration through video-conferencing system;
  • Support school administration with various school management software;
  • Provide IT Learning and coaching support for school-based staff.



Anishinaabe Student Achievement Schools


Migisi Sahgaigan School





Eagle Lake First Nation

Box 100542 School Road

Migisi Sahgaigan, ON  P0V3H0

Principal/Director: Drew Kivell

Phone: 807-755-5350

Fax: 807-755-2086

David Kejick School




Shoal Lake #39 First Nation

PO Box 7

Kejick, ON  P0X1E0

Principal: Christine Chan

Phone: 807-733-2565

Fax: 807-733-2817

Ojibwe Heritage School




Shoal Lake #40 First Nation

PO Box 7

Shoal Lake, ON  P0X1E0

Principal: Gwen Redsky

Phone: 807-733-2455

Fax: 807-733-3900

Mizhakiiwetung Memorial School



Wabaseemoong Independent Nations

General Delivery

Whitedog, ON  


Principal: Ron R McDonald

Vice Principal: Gay McDonald

Edu. Director: Julia Mandamin

Phone: 807-927-2000 (ext. 259)

Fax: 807-927 2176


Waabshki Penasi School




Wabigoon Lake Ojibwe Nation

Box 325 Site 115 RR1

Dryden, ON  P8N2Y4

Principal/Director: Jamie Gigolyk

Phone: 807-938-6825

Fax: 807-938-1166

BaiBomBeh Anishinabe School




Naotkamegwanning First Nation

1001 Baibombeh Road

Pawitik, ON  


Principal: Eric Wilson

V.P: Chris Duke

Edu. Director: Mike Leahy

Phone: 807-226-5698

Fax: 807-226-1089











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